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Your trusted partner for software and digital marketing solutions.

South Net Group SNG is a software and web services consulting company. As a technology-supported software and digital marketing service provider, we create tailor-made solutions for our customers based on their needs and goals. South Net Group uses the most innovative technologies and the best consultants to offer customized solutions to all of our clients who want to increase their corporate power, increase their online presence and grow their business. We are a Sarasota, Florida-based company dedicated, to providing international superior consulting and quality digital services, including web development, internet marketing, IT, and software solutions.

SNG digital marketing consultants have tackled challenges across industries. We combine experience in traditional marketing with deep knowledge of the models, technologies, and platforms that support and shape digital marketing strategy.

Relationships and outcomes are at the core of who we are

We create online marketing strategies that help businesses grow and succeed.

Founded in 2012, SouthNet Group (“SNG”) is dedicated to helping businesses across all industries improve their marketing strategies and gain a competitive advantage through integrated digital marketing solutions.

We support companies by providing consulting, new technology, and networking opportunities. We connect you with people, resources, and tools and collaborate without borders to accelerate innovation worldwide. 

About Us

We started in Sarasota, Florida under the SunState Web Service brand, offering our customers a diverse set of media, software, and web solutions. Today, the South Net Group offers international consulting services and software solutions for a wide range of customers. We are proud to serve customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. We rely on the latest technology and offer services with the highest level of professionalism. We have designed our services and products to provide businesses and institutions with everything they need when they decide to grow their online business. This is how we ensure that working with SouthNet Group SNG is always a unique and professional experience.

With well-trained and experienced experts, we deliver your projects on time, with the highest quality, and without compromise. We develop individual software to seamlessly integrate different technologies and use their power for your company.

How we work

The South Net Group uses the most innovative technologies to provide custom solutions for all our clients that aim to increase their visibility online and grow their businesses. We are a fast-growing company that commits to excellence to provide high-quality digital services including web design, web development, internet marketing, IT, and Software solutions.

We create ideal web solutions to help any type of business improve its presence on the Internet.

Our services are designed to help every type of business improve their online presence, and become a worldwide known brand!

We have worked with agencies and partners helping with Federal Web Design, medical digital projects, web development, and web design.  

Our Misson

Our teams are fully focused on delivering true value to help our local, national and  global clients succeed in a challenging business environment. We can provide all the necessary roles to make your project a reality. We have the technical know-how to quickly identify a winning roadmap for your project, managing the best talent to add value every step of the way. 

No matter the project’s particular requirements, our experts are always ready to cater to your specific needs. They guarantee the on-time delivery and quality of our solutions. We have dedicated project managers that thoroughly follow up on every project with particular attention to KPIs, and comprehensive internal processes in place that make sure our teams always remain engaged and productive.


We always do our best and put our heart and soul into every project. We take pride in our craft and the quality of our work and strive to be as professional as possible. Our team loves collaborating with others and co-developing innovative solutions and recognizes the importance of our work and the value it brings to the world. We find great satisfaction in using our skills and talents to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

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