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We want to advance our customers and build lasting relationships.

Our passion is to help our clients define their needs to come up with the perfect service for their business.
We believe in working very closely with our clients to get to know them and find the best solution.

Health & Pharma Industry

Public healthcare providers specifically are under pressure. Demand is rising due to demographic shifts, and resource constraints are limiting fast access to public services. As a result, more patients are opting for private healthcare providers to circumvent limited access to public healthcare services.

However, these developments have led to a proliferation of providers in the market. Additionally, increasing private equity investments have contributed to accelerated consolidations and competition in the field of private healthcare providers. Working across a wide range of healthcare providers, including private hospitals, dental chains, private specialist clinics, nursing homes and homecare providers, we support healthcare providers in driving profitable growth and leveraging market opportunities.

Also as a business consulter and expert in web- and digital marketing solutions for medical and healthcare practices and related businesses, we help our clients to give the best impression of their practice or health facility and control their reputation.

Non Profit Industrie

We believe in the power of international connections and technology to enable, connect and multiply the life-changing impact of the nonprofit sector. Technology is not the goal or the endpoint, it is the enabler. Through innovation and collaboration, The South Net Group combines the expertise of the technology sector with the local experience of global nonprofit organizations to create a network for committed, forward-thinking organizations that want to improve the world we share. By working together, we combine the expertise of the technology sector with the experience of local nonprofit organizations to create a foundation for forward-thinking organizations that can deliver service, alleviate suffering and create hope. By providing the expertise, resources, tools, guidance, and means needed for digital transformation. By providing the advice, resources, and tools needed for digital transformation, The SouthNet Group (SNG) helps nonprofit organizations deliver on the promise of tomorrow, today

Retail Industry

The retail industry is undergoing tremendous change. Increasing e-commerce penetration and the continued strengthening of Amazon, proliferation of brand direct-to-consumer strategies and new business models, demographic shifts and renewed spending priorities, highly informed and empowered consumers, and rapidly evolving technologies. The SouthNet Group (SNG) use a well-honed strategic commercial due diligence process to deliver the independent validation required for private equity firms to make investment decisions confidently. We combine rigorous analysis with a fact-driven assessment of market dynamics. We understand retail sales. From global brands to independent shopkeepers, we know what works and we’ve seen the pitfalls first-hand. Whether you’re selling diamond jewelry, home appliances or jeans for teens, we’re able to help you pinpoint issues and develop solutions that grow your market share. We use all new technology tools and develop custom solutions to reach our goals.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry needs today integrated technology solutions. ShouthNet Group has professional experience in the real estate industry and knows which solutions best suit your needs. The real estate industry has seen major disruptions thanks to technologies like virtual reality tours, digital twins, IoT, and digital marketing. Our industry experts can support you on your digital journey with an amazing customer experience. We specialize in helping businesses in the Real Estate Industry find the technology necessary to succeed. Every year we assist leading real estate agents, property management companies, and industry professionals to get the digital support and service required to thrive in this field.
We design websites, offer the best software solutions, and much more.

Small Business

Digital transformation is about more than just adding a few digital tools. It requires a new look at the reality of your business’s current performance and the potential for better performance in the future. As a small business owner, you may feel that digital transformation, the integration of digital technology into every aspect of a business, is out of your reach.

But digital transformation is just as important for small businesses as it is for large corporations. In an increasingly digital world, you will quickly fall behind if you don’t implement new technologies that increase efficiency. We talk to our clients, get a clear understanding of their business goals, and then develop a customized solution to achieve what the client needs – more visibility, more visitors, and more leads.

Manufacturing Industry

With the rise of smaller companies and increasing international competition, the world of manufacturing is changing rapidly. Maintaining strong customer relationships throughout the long, complex B2B buying cycle has never been more important for manufacturers. There are many manufacturing companies but few have a truly professional and robust website that attracts potential customers and converts them into qualified leads. With the right design, UX (user experience), SEO, and other features, your manufacturing website can become one of your best business tools. We specialize in providing digital services, software solutions, and web services for manufacturers. This means that from our design team to our content development team, we work with your industry every day and know how we can help you grow.